Kang Chengxi Star-Studded Wedding Spectacle!

Kang Chengxi Star-Studded Wedding Spectacle!

A former star named Kang Chengxi and his girlfriend, Amy See, got married in a big ceremony that lit up the night on December 3. The party with lots of famous people took place at the stylish W Singapore, which turned it into a romantic and glamorous haven.

Kang Chengxi Wedding: A Stroll Down the Aisle

Kang Chengxi Star-Studded Wedding Spectacle!

Kang Chengxi, who you may know from his time at Mediacorp, started a new life when he married Amy See. The groom, 38 years old and dressed in a stylish gray tuxedo, took See’s hand as her happy father led her down the aisle. Amy looked beautiful in a white wedding dress covered in Swarovski crystals. It was a picture-perfect moment that set the mood for the rest of the night.

Kang Chengxi Wedding: Watched Elegance Livestream

The wedding dinner was livestreame on Facebook page for people who couldn’t make it in person. The page, which was a joint sales livestream project with TV host Pornsak, actor Shane Pow, and former Mediacorp star Zhang Zhengxuan (Zhang Zhenhuan), gave viewers a virtual front-row seat to the big event.

Kang Chengxi Wedding: The Most Popular Hosts

The powerful duo of Pornsak and Shane Pow hosted the fun night, which they made more fun and stylish. The hosts made sure the whole event was full of laughs and happiness by jokingly asking Chengxi about his plans after the wedding.

Kisses and party poppers

In the middle of an intense kiss between Chengxi and Amy, balloons went off all around them, covering them in confetti. The crowd cheered loudly, and the hosts, Pornsak and Shane, were very happy to congratulate them.

Delicious Foods

Guests served a delicious meal that specially prepared for the event. The menu offered a culinary adventure with dishes like chilled kurobuta pork. Also with a homemade garlic dressing and smoked duck breast with pickled ginger. A deep-sea crab salad with tropical fruits and baby abalone that had been boiled twice made the meal a little more fancy.

Laughter in the middle of class

Chengxi told a funny story about something that happened earlier that day at the Registry of Marriages. In a good mood, the groom told everyone about a wardrobe failure that made the party more fun.

Guest List Full of Stars

A lot of famous people from the entertainment business were on the guest list, including Dennis Chew, Zhang Zhenhuan, Yang Guang Ke Le, Bonnie Loo, and Ho Ai Ling. Dennis Chew joked about Chengxi’s spot on the made-up “top 10 best men” list when he sent him his best wishes on Instagram.

Expressions of Feelings

At different points during the night, Chengxi and Amy gave moving honors to their families and to each other. Chengxi thanked his parents and promised to be a good son to both sets of parents. Amy thanked Chengxi for his love and help in return.

A Love Story Shown

The sweet love story between Chengxi and Amy also told that night. When they met while Chengxi working as a flight attendant, their relationship grew, and after six years, they got married in a beautiful ceremony. People who were there and watched were deeply move by Chengxi’s sincere display of love and devotion.

Cheers, toasts, and a fresh start

With toasts, cheers, and well-wishes, the night ended. It was the start of a beautiful new part of Kang Chengxi and Amy See’s trip together. The star-studded wedding not only showed how beautiful and glamorous things can be, but also how strong love and commitment can be.